It’s a dirty job, and it’s easy to spread that dirt from your hands or overalls to a customer’s car seat and then spend hours cleaning up the mess and causing servicing delays that cost real time and money.

Why take the risk? Just slip a SeatGuard Protective Seat Cover over your customer’s seats and enjoy the same peace of mind that thousands of other SeatGuard customers enjoy.

SeatGuard for Mechanics
SeatGuard for Hunting and Fishing

Hunting, Fishing and Equestrian

We’re huge outdoor fans here at SeatGuard and we’re highly familiar with rod and gun and the mud, blood and guts that sometimes comes with our favourite kind of fun.

We’re also aware of the excitable furry bundle of joy who loves to leave wet and muddy paw prints all over car seats.  That’s why we use SeatGuard Protective Seat Covers ourselves and that’s the original reason they were invented for protecting Range Rover seats in the equestrian market.

Builders and Construction Workers

It’s a tough job but it has to get done and in the process of doing it you’ll be blessed with blood, sweat, tears and dirt, dust and grime.

Do you really want to leave that stuff on your car seat?  Of course not, and that’s why you’re one of our most important customers.  SeatGuard Protective Seat Covers won’t make your day job any easier but they might just stop your partner from yelling at you for getting the seat dirty.

SeatGuard for Building and Construction Workers
SeatGuard for Painters and Decorators

Painters and Decorators

There’s nothing quite like the fresh smell of paint, it’s a beautiful thing.  But when you’re on your way home after a long hard day of painting and decorating grind the last thing you want is to get out of your vehicle to see some of that paint or solvent on seat.

The good news is that SeatGuard Protective Seat Covers can keep paint and smells off your seat, remove the risk and lower your stress levels.

Plumbers and Electricians

Hopefully you’re not working as both plumber and electrician simultaneously, especially while standing barefoot in a puddle.  But if you work in either of these trades you’re a candidate for our covers.

SeatGuard Protective Seat Covers will keep your seat dry and stain free, our covers are waterproof, and will keep the dirt and dust at bay and protect your seat for a very long time to come, they even come in three different colours.

SeatGuard for Plumbers
SeatGuard for Police and Military

Military and Police Dog Units

SeatGuard has fully decked out highly specialized Army and Police dog unit vehicles and we particularly understand the conditions that sniffer dogs get to work in and how dirty, dangerous and hazardous their jobs can be.

Our Protective Seat Covers make it easier to keep Police and Military vehicles clean and safe for both the dog and their handler.  Our covers save handlers time and save department money while reducing vehicle servicing downtime.